Daily Market Commentary

Daily Capital Market Review of Bangladesh, as on 14 March, 2017


Market rallied modestly riding on the bankingsector...


The benchmark general index, DSEX, closed at 5,681 whichis 21.5 points (+0.38%) higher than yesterday.


After yesterday’s losing session market once again wenton witnessing a decent rally of 21.5 points backed mainly Bank sector.Investors seemed to have built some optimism on the 2016 end disclosures anddividends and subsequent quarterly announcements revolving bank sector. Todaymarket traded within a range of 34 points throughout the trading session beforeclosing at 21.5 points higher than yesterday.


Market turnover stood at a BDT 9.6 bn declining by 3.6%compared to yesterday. IFIC Bank (IFIC) attracted the most attention from themarket participants as it was today’s top traded stock accounting for 3.2% ofthe total turnover. Bank (contributing 28.8%), Pharmaceuticals (13.7%), NBFIs(12.3%) and Textile (11.8%) were the turnover leaders.