Frequent Research Report

Index Movement and Turnover Value

The benchmark index of DhakaStock Exchange (DSEX) declined 5.8% or 281.9 points in the first half of 2015and closed at 4,583.1 points as of 30th June 2015. In the first sixmonths, DSEX hit the lowest value of 3,959.7 points on 4th May 2015- the index was down by 18.6% YTD on that day. Since then, the market gained15.7% in the next two months (May and June of 2015). Similarly, turnover valuedipped in the first four and half months of the year, before starting topeaking in mid-April. Turnover value hit the 1H’2015 low on 19thMarch 2015 and stood at only BDT 1.7 bn. The highest turnover value wasrecorded on 1st June with BDT 10.0 bn, more than 6 times the lowestvalue in the half year period. The average daily turnover value was BDT 3.9 bnin 1H’2015, down by 12.0% from 2014’s average daily turnover of BDT 4.4 bn.


Chart 01 below shows the indexchange and the turnover value for 1H’2015. Table 2 and 3 show the YTD sectorwise performance of DSE Market and performance of top 20 M Cap companiesrespectively; while table 4 &  5 shows top 30 gainers and top 30losers respectively in 1H’2015.



Source:DSE & CBL Research, June 2015

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