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30-03-2016 9 Month Financial Year'16 Earnings Update of Square Pharmacueticals Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (SPL) has posted astounding 38.4% YoY growth in bottom line in Q3FY16 in line with our estimate details... 9MFY16 Earnings Update-SQUAREPHARMA.pdf
02-07-2015 Index Movement and Turnover Value The benchmark index of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSEX) declined 5.8% or 281.9 points in the first half of 2015 and closed at 4,583.1 points as of 30th June 2015. In the first six months, DSEX hit the lowest value of 3,959.7 points on 4th May 2015 - the index was down by 18.6% YTD on that day. Since then details... Index Movement and Turnover Value.pdf
10-05-2015 Index Comparison Today (May 10, 2015) DSEX went up by 154 points, which is the highest change in around 2.5 years. Back in November 29, 2012 index went up by 219 points. In between this time period the index moved up by ~100 points 11times. Below are the index change movements during those time periods: (Please view details... INDEX_May 10, 2015.pdf
27-07-2014 Highlights: Bangladesh Bank MPS H1 FY15 Bangladesh Bank initiative to attach the foreign loans with the private sector credit growth in the monetary policy for July-December 2014 would squeeze the profitability of the local scheduled banks in future...... details... BD MPS_H1 FY 15.pdf
18-06-2014 Economy Review of Bangladesh for the Fiscal year 2013-14 In spite of last year political turmoil, the Bangladesh Economy has delivered GDP growth of over 6% over the last year. Economic activities recovered in the second half of FY14, driven by resilient exports and domestic demand, following...... details... Bangladesh Economy Review_Volume 1.pdf
25-07-2013 Monetary Policy Statement_H1FY14 (Jul-Dec) 2013 Please find enclosed herewith the Short snap shot of BD Monetary Policy Statement_H1FY14 (Jul-Dec). details... BD Monetary Policy Statement_H1 FY 14 (Jul-Dec).pdf
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