City Brokerage Achievements

  1.   Acquired Dhaka Stock Exchange License/Membership on 27th December, 2006.
  2.   Acquired Chittagong Stock Exchange License/Membership on 11th October, 2007.
  3.   Brokerage operations officially launched on 14th August, 2009.
  4.   Formation of 100% wholly owned subsidiary of The City Bank Limited on 15th November,2010.
  5.   Total number of Branches ‒ 5
  6.   Number of countries covered in Road shows ‒ 20
  1.   City Brokerageʼs market share of total Foreign trade turnover in DSE in 2012(January - April)- 22%
  2.   Strategic Statement ‒ making sense of your investment.
  3.   Highly equipped research cell to facilitate foreign and institutional clients.
  4.   City Brokerage Limited is considered as one of the most active and professionally managed brokerage operation in Bangladesh.